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PaRama BodyTalk Session

Looking for a step by step approach to  healing where your body leads the way? During your 60 minute appointment, the body is supported in reconnecting energetic disconnections to ignite the healing process. Each session builds on the last session so you receive permanent progressive results.  BodyTalk System sets up a biofeed back system with your body similar to applied kinesiology which quickly reveals the processes needed by your body, no guessing, just results. As a PaRaMa BodyTalk practitioner, I have access to structured protocols when applied to the physical body connect the missing energetic connections that are causing your health challenges. Bodytalk is  one of my favorite Energy Yoga By Gina modalities. $110.00/ 60 mins


 What if there was a way to improve your physical health and address depression, anxiety, stress, monkey mind, or pain. Would you be Curious?  What if... you could have lasting change in your life. Would you try something new??? It is possible, with Harmonyum treatments. Addressing the nervous system directly Harmonyum I, II, and III treat the root cause of health challenges. Harmonyum is used in private practices, wellness centers, and addiction recovery facilities. It is being embraced by doctors now more than ever for its ability to facilitate change in the body and mind.  This gentle, relaxing, hand's-on modality ignites the body's own healing from the inside our. It is safe to use for any health condition with no side effects or risk of pharmaceutical interactions. Harmonyum provides a powerful complementary treatment strategy for patients who may be undergoing other medical therapies. It is excellent for pain, insomnia, hormone imbalance, stress and anxiety, learning disorders, heart disease, and immune system challenges. Harmonyum balances the autonomous nervous system, thereby promoting the body's capacity to heal and slow the aging process. $110.00 to $125.00/ 60 mins

Cranial Acupressure

What if your negative self-talk and old habits could be addressed directly. Skip years of complaining,  dozens of self-help books, and it all still just goes away. This gentle form of cranial acupressure  discharges "excesses" out of the body's meridian system as easy as taking a nap.  Big deal..you may say..it is! When the excess energies are released from the body a new "state" of being will come into play. You will leave feeling lighter, refreshed, and less reactive to situations and people.  With regular sessions thinking becomes clearer, the organs will function better, and it is easier to make the changes your life needs to be joyful again.  Each session expands into the next so permanent results are usually seen after the first session. When every you want a new perspective on life this modality never disappoints. A wonderful complementary healing system for those undergoing stressful medical procedures or limited mobility because the head is lightly touched during the treatment. $110.00/ 60 minutes session

Massage Services

My massage services are customized to meet the specific needs of each client. I work collaboratively throughout the entire process with various massage modalities for the best results. Contact me to find out which massage service is right for you; Swedish,  Kansas Wand, Meridian, Fascial Fluidity, or Myo-fascial release. $75.00/ 60 mins

Healing Audios

My healing audios can be purchased in the store section of this website or through my fiverr.com page. They can be used over and over to balance emotions, physical pain, and to bring in a new perspective around life situations. The body is a biochemical electrical/magnetic energy system that is affected by our internal and external states of being.  It can be easily influenced by  other biochemical electric/magnetic energies. My healing audios have the frequencies embedded into the original audios you purchase. Each time you listen to one of the audios something new is harmonized and balanced. Over time you will notice improvements in emotional, physical, spiritual, and mental abilities.


Check out my sweet long distance healing gigs on Fiverr.com. Best bang for your buck when you can't make it in for an appointment. Great to use while traveling, for your pets, and for loved one.  Especially those that need healing, but don't get into this kind of woo woo stuff. Everyone wants to feel better and it is possible. I have been healing people all over the global for years through Fiverr. Truly an awesome experience!

ConTact C.A.R.E.

This modality releases the condensed pressure in the skeletal structures from blows to the body.  As the bone comes into balance all the fascia that is connected to the newly balanced bone starts to function normally. Blows to the body effect all areas of life. Physical, emotional, and mental functioning.

Fascial Fluidity Session

Gently swirling of the fascial fluid through the body to release tight muscles, movement restrictions, and deeply relaxing to the mind.

Upcoming Events
Western vs Eastern Philosohy On Healing
Thu, Oct 17
SoulWorks Center
Oct 17, 2019, 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM
SoulWorks Center, 7586 84th St, La Vista, NE 68128, USA
Learn the 3 levels of healing in both of these healing paradigms.