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About Me

Gina Martin works with people who suffer from physical/emotional challenges that are looking for natural solutions to improve their wellbeing, while developing a level of control over the vitality they desire in life.

  • Specializing in more challenging stress related complaints Gina gives people hope and skills to make daily life healthier.

  • Gina has been in the massage and teaching industry since 1983 and developed Energy Yoga to assist people in reaching their health goals faster and easier.

  • Scientific research has finally caught up with energy work and has proven its effectiveness in increasing wellbeing.

  • Below is a partial list of Gina’s training and community activities:

  • 1996 Levels I, II, III Certification Reiki

  • 1997 How To Talk To Energy, Hanna Kroeger

  • 1998 Dowsing Training. Raymond Grace

  • 1999 Reflexology training. Deborah Ardell Hill

  • 2000-2001 Universal College Of Healing Arts, Licensed Massage Therapist, Internship with hospice house and RLS private research group.

  • 2002 to present Meditation and Energy Work Training. Buddhist Monks

  • 2003 Certification in Repetitive Injury Treatments

  • 2004 Emotional Freedom Technique Training .

  • 2006 Integrative Reflexology Certification. Claire Miller

  • 2007 BodyTalk Public Clinic, Pipal Park Community Center

  • 2000 to present Certification  BodyTalk training, PaRaMa training with John Velthiem (founder of BT)

  • 2007 Harmonyum- Certification Levels 1 and 2

  • 2010  “Nurturing the Mother” birthing massage therapy. Claire Miller

  • 2012  Published “Think and Grow Healthy” buy on

  • 2013 Trigger Point Therapy, specializing in the head and neck.

  • 2014 BARS facilitator and practitioner

  • 2015 Yoga Rocks The Park, Public Class, Omaha MeetUp Groups

  • 2015 Integrative Reflexology Training, Clair Miller

  • 2016 Certified Harmonyum levels I,II, and III Practitioner

  • 2017 Developed Meridian Massage Modality for massage therapist

  • 2017 Resistance and Release Massage Training

  • 2018 Launched Fascial Fluidity for professionals

  • 2020 ConTact C.A.R.E. Student Practitioner

  • 2021 Certified Magnetic Mind Coach, Chris Duncan

  • 2021 Founder of Gait Therapy to correct ankle pronation in motion

  • 2023 Certified Compassion Key Practitioner

  • 2024 TRE student practitioner

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