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New Place, New Energy And A New Look!

Updated: Dec 1, 2018

I am pumped. I have found my new space at Whole Body Health in Omaha Ne. I have my own room ...finally! A HUGE Thank you... to all my friends, family, and clients that stayed with me during the last two years. You are all near and dear to me! We made it through some rough spots. This blog post is from my new website. Many of you asked for my resources to be smaller and easier to use then the old site. Instead of having all the audios and videos in a big pile of "what do I choose"?, I will be sending out audios and videos through my blog on a regular basis. This way you will get a steady stream of supportive energy work. A lot of it will still be free and if you want to purchase them for your very own you can choose to do that also. Check out my website and pop in for an appointment to check out my new space.

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