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BodyTalk blows my mind all the time!

The ability of the body to take the action it needs to function at its best has always been a fascination for me. Energetic connections that have weakened, disconnected, overloaded, or not available can be improved with BodyTalk. It is an international health-giving process. India has just been added to the country list welcoming Bodytalk to its people.

I have been a BodyTalk practitioner coming up on 20 years. It is one of my favorite modalities. My clients that have been receiving consistent BodyTalk sessions find when something big happens; a car accident, major surgery, or a major life change they bounce back faster and better than clients that have not been receiving consistent sessions. Pretty amazing how the body can take care of itself when it is given what it needs for better functioning. This means the body is learning from each BodyTalk session and it continues to function in a powerful way long after the session has ended.

BodyTalk has been available to the public for about 30 years. I can't imagine my life without it. I have used it to save one of my dogs from a bird poop ingestion. Dove poop is often toxic. I did not know my puppy had eaten some. I just knew he was happy and healthy one minute and the next breathing heavy and unable to get up. I applied the first aid protocol and the BodyTalk session was around clearing a toxin out of his liver. I did the session, which involved a lot of "tapping out" the links. I wasn't a PaRama level practitioner then as I am now. So even basic BodyTalk is powerful. Within minutes he started moving and had the life back in his eyes. After he was better I did dowsing to find out what caused the issue.

Balancing your own cortices daily or after an injury is one way to bring better health to yourself. I will be showing how to balance your cortices in my next youtube/Facebook videos as well as a full BodyTalk session during the video to introduce you to BodyTalk if you have never had a session before.

What can BodyTalk do for you? It can correct energetic disconnections to build better endurance, feeling more alert, building intuition, and relief from structural imbalances. Eventually, I would like to be able to offer live facebook/youtube streaming so it can be seen and felt in real-time. As the videos become more popular I can transition to them.

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