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Do you eat dirt? I do.

During my beauty industry days I provided plenty of clay( dirt ) facials, foot treatments, and back treatments. However, it wasn't until about 10 years ago I started eating it. Even my closest friends don't know that I do. Except for those that eat it also. We briefly talk about the benefits only behind closed doors. I am happy to share all the ways I use my edible clay. There are lots of blogs and videos on how to use edible clay in mainstream media so knock yourself out studying up on it.

It is most important that you get a quality brand with no impurities in them. You may have to google to check where and when the clay is harvested and packaged. It matters. I personally love the clay blend by I don't get any bonuses for saying this. I have used it for years.

I started off doing soaks in the tub to help detox and re-alkalize my body. I was like yah, yah, that is what they all say. However, I would pee on a medical urine test stick before and after my soak and yes, my urine pH would go from 6 before to 8 after a 30-minute soak. I made a mini hot tub just for this purpose several years ago. I feel it is the answer to world peace. Everyone should have a hot or cold tubby before bed. I love the warm water soak and dead silence during the process. It also slightly raises the calcium reading on the stick. I would make sure to fully shower after my soaks to make sure I wasn't getting any clay residue in my testing process.

I have dry skin so I don't use it as a mask on my face, but I will for tired puffy feet. My favorite use is a pinch in water for heartburn. I don't get it very often but when I do I see why people take medication for it. Oh, it's rough that heartburn. You may want to do some reading about over doing the anti-acid route. No thank you. I will eat my dirt instead. Many are unaware that there is good calcium and then there is bad calcium. Google it. Calcium is a great buffer for acids. Little clay mixed with water on a bug bite and it can address the acid in the bite. Except for wasps, they are alkaline in their stings. Gotta know your bug saliva before slapping stuff on a bite.

Any time I feel a cold coming on I drink a 1/2 to 1 tsp in water once a day for 3 to 5 days. Load up on the Vitamin C ( if you aren't allergic) and I do mean load up. I am better in no time. Viruses like an acidic body to hang out in. Now, more is not better with this stuff. You do have to drink plenty of water or don't even bother giving it a try. Keep it on the outside of your body if you can't commit to drinking enough water daily. Many people hate home remedies because of the level of water that needs to be consumed on a daily basis for them to work easily. I offer NO medical advice, and I am a nobody on the internet. Edible clay is my go-to for so many fixes. For me, it is an inexpensive solution. Don't take my word for it. Do your homework, read up on anything new you are going to try. Read several different resources before starting anything new. You know your health status better than I do, so be wise about your health choices.

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