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How are your Vessels? and I don't mean your blood vessels.

As I start my blogging/vlogging trail on the internet for people to learn more about their energetic pathways I hope to make it a fun journey for everyone. Dividing it into sections for better understanding will be needed. The grouping will be things like Vessels, BodyTalk, ConTact Care, Meditation, etc.. I hope to learn to love writing in the process, as of right now, I don't care for it. My clients have asked me to write a book and I can't bring myself to do it. Blogging/vlogging is my go-to for now to share the information many are asking for. I am not interested in convincing anyone of its validity or how it works. They can find all of that on the internet nowadays. If a person has the time and energy to complain and be nasty to others about a "not belief" they have the time and energy to educate themselves. Keep scrolling this isn't for you. Keep in mind angry people find things to angry about, fearful people find things to be scared of, complainers find things to complain about. While happy people find things to be happy about, helping people find things to be helpful with. Two sides of the same coin. Enough on that.

Today's blog will be about the body's Vessels. Which are the deeper energetic pathways in the flesh. The regular 12 meridian pathways are the popularly known ones because of the art of acupuncture that has spread through global communities. Vessels are the "reservoir" for the other meridian pathways and have powerful jobs of their own. As I started balancing more and more people's Vessels I have become to realize the true power of these pathways in the body.

While 7 of the eight extraordinary meridians( Vessels) run vertically(V) up and down the body. One runs horizontally(H) around roughly the hip to the waist area.

These vessels are:

  1. Governing Vessel (Du Mai)

  2. Conception Vessel (Ren Mai)

  3. Thrusting Vessel (Chong Mai)

  4. Girdle (or Belt) Vessel (Dai Mai)

  5. Yang Heel Vessel (Yangchiao Mai)

  6. Yin Heel Vessel (Yinchiao Mai)

  7. Yang Linking Vessel (Yangwei Mai)

  8. Yin Linking Vessel (Yinwei Mai).

Before I move on with why I balance these to improve a person's physical and emotional health I will need to share, "You can't not "energy work" your way out of a bad diet, lack of exercise, and poor sleep habits." Read this 10 times before reading further. I am just as lazy as the next person and there is always room for a better diet and exercise for me also. Anytime my health takes a hit I first look at my diet. On top of that, I get monthly energy work whether I think I need it or not. Life is too stressful nowadays not to. It gives me the extra boost I need to keep going and achieve my goals. Everyone has their own challenges to face in living their best life. Many times the Vessels are out of balance because of poor diet and lack of exercise. These vessels develop in the womb and can be drained from improper living and diet. However, you can use "energy work" to make changing habits easier, to decrease stress, and unify the body until you are able to make the changes it needs. Moving on.

1. Governing Vessel, when it is not working well, will bring to the body-mind; apathy, anger issues, and other forms of withdrawal. When working well it brings; courage to face fears, engage in life, standing erect, and gives a sense of individuation( not separation).

2. Conception Vessel, when it is not working well, will bring to the body-mind; lack of bonding, insufficient self-care, and eating disorders. When it functions well it brings; ability to let go, creative expression, create closure, and accessing creative solutions in life.

3. Thrusting Vessel, when it is not working well, it will bring to the mind-body; anxiety, generational trauma patterns, addictions, heart pain, and shame. When it is functioning well it brings; feeling whole, resilience, strength of many kinds, and keeps the DNA healthy.

4. Belt Vessel (Dai Mai), When it is not working well, will bring to the body-body; stuffed and suppressed emotions, negative beliefs, flashbacks, and nightmares. When it is functioning well; ability to release old hurts, letting go of trauma, connection to self/self-love, and integrates and supports the other vessels and meridians.

5. Yang Heel Vessel (Yangchiao Mai), when it is not working well; stuck in the past, pain, reacting and inability to engage or take action, and fear. When working well; facilitates forward movement, to be fully present, expanded world view, and acting/reacting in an appropriate manner.

6. Yin Heel Vessel (Yinchiao Mai), When it is not working well; feeling unworthy, shame, self-loathing, suicidal tendencies, and withdrawal. When working well; inward self-awareness, insight about limits, shedding light on the darkest aspect of self, and illumination.

7. Yang Linking Vessel (Yangwei Mai), When it isn't working well; poor focus, lack of passion, self-defeating behavior, fear of moving forward, resistance to change, resistance to growing up, inappropriate anger, or violence.

8. Yin Linking Vessel (Yinwei Mai), When it isn't working properly; unable to overcome one's past, depression, anxiety from past events, guilt, shame, inability to speak about trauma, spirit deprivation, and feeling out of control. When it is working well; ability to use resources wisely, to learn from the past, manage challenges, mediation of emotions, and to grow from life's disappointments.

This can be an overwhelming amount of information for a person to take in because we can all see ourselves in many of these Vessel emotional patterns. How it has helped me over the years is "disappointment" used to take me down for days. Even the smallest disappointment could take me months to get over. Totally the "snowflake" symptom so many have today. Not anymore, even some of the largest disappointments I have experienced don't stop me from taking action to make my life better. Like co-vid isn't one big disappointment after another. I still have some fear at times, but I get up and do what I have to do to make my life better. It was such a relief to realize I had an energetic imbalance(which could be addressed) and nothing was really "wrong" with me. So I could stop beating myself up for how sensitive I was or why things that didn't upset others would toss me for a sad loop.

I am going to be offering free and paid online sessions so everyone that wants to experience the powerful life-changing improvements of getting their Vessels balanced can. My goal is to offer a weekly live or filmed session on many of the cutting-edge "energy work" that is available to people that are looking for it. As advances in computers, and health have moved upwards so have the amazing results and types of "energy work".

If you want to read more beyond my article click here

or Mary Elisabeth Wakefield "Constitutional Facila Acupuncture" has a ton of info for professionals that want to read more about the vessels.

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