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Subconscious Mind Getting You Down?

What would it be worth to "know what we don't know"? The subconscious mind holds all the details of knowing " what we don't know". Why you are afraid of bees to why certain things trigger you, it's all floating around in the subconscious mind.

With Zone Therapy I take a person on a walk, through the subconscious mind to gather fragmented aspects that need to be integrated so a person can create a life they love. Ever had the experience of just about reaching a goal and then something stops it all? Can't stop overeating? The subconscious mind holds the secrets of why.

During Zone Therapy I have a gift of interfacing with the thoughts, events, emotions, and old beliefs that are rolling around in the subconscious mind causing a person to fail. Many times I get the age something happened, and assist the person in releasing old holding patterns, fears, emotions caught in the body/mind complex. Giving the intellect a break from having to figure it all out and letting the body's inner wisdom work out the details.

After Zone Therapy a person often finds old unwanted patterns are easier to let go. More energy from less mental grinding on things. New ways of seeing life and doing new things start to manifest in a person's life. The body has an amazing ability for change when old emotions, beliefs, and fears are resolved in the subconscious mind.

When emotions are integrated the less dysregulated life will be. Being able to self-regulate is the most important skill successful people have. Dysregulation is the biggest factor to failure in life, and the secrets to developing regulation are held in the subconscious mind.

If you would like to enjoy the benefits of Zone Therapy, contact me at 402-830-5335 to set up your 60-minute appointment/ $115.00

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