This healing audio includes 5 energetic processes to assist anyone to a better place mentally, emotionally, and physically. As you listen and follow along with the energy exercises on this audio you will learn; 1. Breath work to enliven the nervous system, 2. releasing trapped emotions and sensations in the body 3, Learning to circulate your energy through your energy centers 4. Introducing elevated emotions to our body/mind 5. Immune upgrade energy work.  You can use this audio over and over, selecting new items and goals to address each time you listen.  About 55 minutes in length, you can listen to it all at once or just to the sections you feel you need for relief and inspiration. A $125.00 value for 20.00, special discount because of the challenging time we are in. I want everyone to be able to afford this powerful healing audio.  We all need a go to when we need a boost in life.

5 Processes To Invincibility; Immune booster 2020


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