Cupping Massage  Made Easy!
16 hours CEU/Includes 3 hours ethics
13 hands on hours massage CEU + 3 hours ethics
Aug 14th and 15th, 2020
9am to 6pm daily
$385.00 when paid for before July 20th.
Then $400.00 after July 20th.
Whole Body Health
2430 s 73rd Street
Omaha Ne 68124

Starter Massage Cups included!
402-830-5335 to register!!!

Now that things are opening up. I have been asked to provide Cupping Massage Classes.  These classes will teach you how to use flexible cupping tools to pull up stagnant energy, anchor fascia for better massage results, how to use the cups during the massage( anchored and unanchored), and how using cupping can save your hands and thumbs from having to do all the work. This is NOT a traditional Chinese Medicine cupping class. This is a cupping class for massage therapists only.

Happier clients, easier on the therapist. We will cover who NOT to do cupping on!

Cupping Massage Class


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