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Fascial Fludity( if time allows)

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Sept 9,10, 11,2021
21 hours hands-on and 3 hours ethics= 24 hours total CEU


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What is Fascial Tissue?

Fascia refers to the connective tissue that covers muscles, muscle fibers, bones, blood/lymph vessels, nerves, and internal organs. It surrounds and connects to all structures holding certain structures together while assisting others to slide gracefully over each other.  Major points to know about the fascial system in the body.

1)The largest sensory organ of the body

Right up next to the retina of the eye, it can sense the lightest touch to the subtlest emotion. When I ask people is the pain shallow or deep? It is the fascial system that allows you to focus and find the level of pain or tension. As one moves around you can feel where it is “sticking” or causing pain.

2)A fluid-filled system of connective tissue.

This creates a “bounce” type of quality to the tissue. Comparative to a hydraulic system of a fine-tuned and oiled machine.  Movement, breathing, and water keep it pumping.  Movement quality, integrity, resilience, endurance, and recovery are determined by how well hydrated the mucusy protein held in and around the facia is. The most popular reasons most injuries are fascial is because as it  “dries out” fascia is more brittle, begins to erode,  tear, rupture, and losses its ability to hold the tensegrity of the body.

3)Elastic in nature and function

Shape/tone, shock absorbing, and flexibility are it’s main quality. It gives the body a bouncing effect when walking to transfer shocks and bumps through the body and not jar it. When working properly you can flick shock waves out of your hands and feet. Literally preventing new trauma and releasing old ones as the fluidity of the fascia is rebuilt. When working properly the joints do not erode away and appear to function as non weight bearing suspension gear. This same “flicking” action is recreated during the FFR session.

4)Is everywhere in the body.

Muscles, bone, and ever run through each cell of the body.  This is a blessing and challenge all at the same time. This is why continuous treatments are needed to “migrate” the fluid to areas needed.

5)Interconnected and interdependent

This makes it cool, yet mysterious. You can have headaches because the fascia in the neck is affected, or in the calves pulling on your head when you stand up. It can take a bit to find the “real” cause of one's problems. However, a session is never wasted. The FFR work will migrate through the whole body as time goes by.

6)Everything affects it.

Especially dehydration, lack of exercise, and processed foods. Water of a good quality hydrates better than anything else. Sugar, flour products, too much salt, and too much fat in one meal pushes the fluid proteins around in the body in an aggressive manner. The lymphatic system is how these proteins get back to where they belong (in the arteries and veins of the body). When these proteins are not in their proper place a person will experience bloating of some kind. Excessive bloat (inflammation) allows things to “pool” in the tissues and deposits begin to form. I sound like a broken record: however, eat right, sleep right, exercise often, and drink the right amount of water is the key to happy juicy fascia. Happy fascia = happy life.

With fascia making up such a large percentage of the body’s tissue it is even more important to care for it and keep it functioning at its best.  Water is one of the most vital nutrients our fascia and body needs to survive and function efficiently.  The first vital nutrient is oxygen and because it is also a major component of water, it links water to the first and second place position.  Water ability to flow effortlessly is why it is so important and effective in the fascial make up. This effortless “flow” quality of water is what makes fascial tissue so powerful.

When the body suffers from dehydration fascial tissue becomes rigid, decreases in flexibility and starts to harden.  When fascia is injured or dehydrated, it is unable to absorb the proper water and nutrients unless it is returned to its natural fluidity.    Consuming vitamins, fluids, or exercise are not utilized effectively in a state of dehydrated.  I often ask clients right after a session,” Does your mouth feel dry?”, If they say. ‘yes”, they were dehydrated before we started the session. It can take up to two days to correct this level of dehydration. Sipping hot water often (every 15 minutes) until the dehydration is corrected works well for many.

Fascial Fluidity and Repatterning is a gentle, yet powerful way of pumping, spiraling, and reminding the fascial tissue how to function properly again.  The spider web network of fascia plays an important role in function in the body and defines our shape. Each part of the body is connected directly or indirectly to every other part by fascia. This continuous structure that exists from head to toe without interruption is why Fascial Fluidity and Repatterning on your back can make pain go away in other locations of the body.  This fascial connection is what allows people with limited range of motion or when other massage is contraindicated to still be able to enjoy the benefits of body work.

Various physical stress, injury, emotional trauma, or chronic inflammation, fascia loses its pliability. It becomes rigid, restricted, decrease in fluidity and is a source of tension to the mind and the body. The resulting stiffness or restricted movement is often believed to be muscle, yet the connective tissue accumulates much of this stress. The accumulative effects on the body pulling muscles and skeleton out of optimal alignment and posture takes its toll of a person over time influencing the comfort and function of our body. Fascial restrictions affect our flexibility and stability emotionally and physically. When the fascial shape is encouraged to function as nature intended it to the body is changed mentally/physically and life takes on new life again.



Massage Therapist CEU Sept 9, 10, 11, 2021