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Almost all pain comes from your ankles!

Updated: Apr 3, 2022

Many of you have already tried my two new services. Gait Therapy and Zone Therapy, which I am the founder and developer. The feedback has been amazing. This article is about Gait Therapy. Most shoulder/hip pain manifests from your Gait, as the ankles pronates it causes the skeletal form excessive tension or friction. Both cause PAIN. Gait Therapy addresses the underlying fascial dysfunction that is allowing the ankles to collapse. How? I am glad you asked!

The body is a big bag of sensory loops and feedback. Misfiring and miswired in this system causes the fascial system to weaken or fail. The fascial system runs the full length of the body and goes through every cell of the body. Yep, it’s a big deal. Every thought and feeling we have has influence on the fascial network. I know, I know, hard to believe. It has been scientifically proven so google it if you need to.

Thoughts are electrical in nature, while emotions are magnetic in nature. This electromagnetic function of the body is at the core of Gait Therapy. As thoughts and feelings shifts it changes how the body’s weight is carried through time and space. Good athletes have intact fascial networks, those with pain, do not.

During a session of Gait Therapy. I guide a person through the process of focused thought and emotions while in motion. The body never lies! The patterns of dysfunction will make themselves visible to me. With short pauses and realignments, the body can be taught to “forget” it’s holding pattern of pain. Within a 30 minute session most people notice a 60% to 100% decrease in pain. 75%of the time these changes are permanent after the first session. I love when the results are fast and lasting!!!

To enjoy the benefits of Gait Therapy contact me at 402-830-5335, to set up your 30 minute session/ $75.00

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