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Why I stopped eating enriched flour products

Updated: Mar 29, 2021

The amount of crazy sh*t they put in food is shocking at best. This one is horrifying. Bread and flour is a stable in so many communities. We all are taught to think that enriched flour products are so great. They are actually banned in France and they are healthier for it.

The USA seems to be a day late and several dollars short when it comes to our food chain.

Dr. Thamos Levy has a great video that covers all this so I will be brief here. Start at about 42:18 to learn how fortified flour is increasing gut issues, cholic in babies, and so many other disease processes in the body. It explains why so many people do better when gluten-free they go gluten-free. The gluten-free group people don’t like it when their food is messed with. Many will say “ no iron added”, so companies and people do know this is going on.

This one source of iron shaving is so inflammatory to the gut and a major contributor of leaky gut. Gluten and peanut protein are the most dangerous proteins to get across the gut blood barrier. Yet, we are consuming the very product that starts the deadly process. For some right out of the womb.

If you stop eating enriched flour products will all your illnesses go away? Probably not, but why make it harder for your body to heal. The same thumb pain Dr. Levy speaks of in the video I have seen many times in my office and ALL of the thumb pain went away when they stopped eating the metal shavings. You can still eat flour, if you just have to, just don’t eat the fortified flour. Do you and your gut a favor!

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