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Updated: Apr 16, 2020

As a ConTact care practitioner I find "flinchlocks" in the skeletal system. Flinchlocks are places where pressurized energy( a blow to the body) has compressed the bone into a "locked" position. Once locked the tissue has to carry the bone INSTEAD of the bone carrying the tissue. This creates a tremendous amount of tension and stress in the body and mind. ConTact care releases the flinchlock and the bone can then normalize. Muscle cramping can follow for 2 days after a session if the bone has been locked for a long time.

I find ConTact care works amazingly for a wide range of complaints and imbalances. I have been in the massage field for 20 years and this Martial Arts Discipline is one of the fastest and simplest ways to bring balance back to the body and mind. Make your appointment today and feel true ease come back to your mind and body! 402-830-5335 to set up your session and get your life back!

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